Experience, Approach and Commitment

Since 1975, at least 15 significant market dislocations have occurred. Those include: 1987’s Black Monday, 1998’s Long Term Capital collapse, 2007 and 2008’s Subprime Meltdown and Liquidity Crisis, and 2011s European Debt Crisis. Averaging over 25 years of individual investing experience and over 80 years collectively, a member of our team has successfully managed equity and/or credit portfolios during 13 of those 15 market dislocations. In that time, we have developed extensive research, financial and capital markets sourcing networks, as well as, a broad origination network across specific asset classes.

Our comparative advantage includes: successful long-term experience across multiple platforms originating, trading and managing assets, time-tested relationships on both sides of trades and significant partner capital committed. Additionally, we employ a comprehensive approach to investment and business management and integrated organizational and investment philosophies.

Our fundamentally driven approach to analyzing entire capital structures positions us well for flexibility and growth. Principals have successfully invested in: first/second lien loans, investment and non-investment grade straight and convertible debt, listed and post-reorganization equities, options, real estate, and credit default swaps. Our experience affords strategy and product expansion as we execute planned expansion.

We are committed to maintaining a firm with an attractive organizational culture.  Fundamentally, we must be successful business managers and successful investment managers. We can only achieve these dual objectives with the right team and the right resources. As such, we will continue to invest in operational infrastructure, with a view to investor transparency, as we expand our asset and product base.